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WP-CLI inside Docker container

So running wp-cli inside docker gives you a warning that you are running as root. For me I am running docker locally as a development server and running as root isn’t a concern as I am on a private secure network and it’s purely local development. So the default setup for Docker is to run […]

WooCommerce Bulk Edit Sold Individually

MySQL way to bulk edit Sold Individually. So I had imported about 200 products into WooCommerce and accidentally set all of them to the sold individually setting. Now instead of re-uploading them via the spreadsheet I decided I would just use MySQL to edit the settings that way. It took more like 20-30 minutes to […]

Backup Buddy on GoDaddy hosting

So I have a few hosting accounts with various companies. Plus I have had many clients with all kinds of hosting accounts. I do love GoDaddy’s customer support, and their hosting is generally a little more affordable than most as they are consistently running specials. But the one bad thing is that Backup Buddy doesn’t […]


Cloak Front End Email v1.3 – WordPress Plugin

Cloak Front End Email v1.3 Cloak Front End Email just got better! You can now have multiple email addresses to display on the front end of your website and the plugin will cloak them and display them via javascript. It’s a super simple admin interface.   How to add your email via shortcode Once you […]


Cloak Front End Email – WordPress Plugin

Over the last couple years I have had some clients who wanted or were accustomed to putting their email address straight on their website. Usually what I did for them in the past was I would write some custom Javascript to keep them from getting spammed. So I had most of the code already written, […]


Why you need to be Mr. know it all

Running a web design business is much more than just being a web designer. So many companies out there learn a little bit about WordPress backend and market themselves as a web design company. But they are lacking in so many other areas. Reasons why you need to be a Mr. know it all A […]

Shortcode output at top of page content in WordPress

Come across a shortcode glitch a while back when I was building custom interface for a client site. The shortcode’s output was displaying at the top of the page content, no matter where I dropped the shortcode. Searched around for quite a bit until I found the fix. Hopefully you will find this blog post […]


Trim whitespace on WordPress Excerpt

Recently built a client website and was pulling in a custom excerpt to the homepage for a custom post type. Everything worked fine until the client decided they were going to add a header image above every post and add some returns before the actual text started. This change on their end started giving my […]


Pagination for Custom Post Types in WordPress

Custom Post Types in WordPress are a great way to expand on custom WordPress development. Once you have all the custom post type in your functions.php file, usually you call a custom query in your template page for your custom post type. When doing pagination for a custom post type in WordPress One thing to […]