Backup Buddy on GoDaddy hosting

Feb 08, 2016 code, wordpress

So I have a few hosting accounts with various companies. Plus I have had many clients with all kinds of hosting accounts. I do love GoDaddy’s customer support, and their hosting is generally a little more affordable than most as they are consistently running specials.

But the one bad thing is that Backup Buddy doesn’t play nice with GoDaddy hosting. The good news is after playing around with settings I have found a way to get Backup Buddy working fine. And if you are cpanel you don’t even have to “up” your resources aka pay more for more resources.

Fixing Backup Buddy to work with GoDaddy

It’s quite simple, just go into your settings scroll to the bottom and change the Modern to Classic.
You shouldn’t have anymore time out problems with BackupBuddy.




Better recommendation, switch to a better host! Godaddy hosting used to be pretty good back in the day, but since they switched to a Cpanel option they started capping your resources and over all I feel like they have capped the whole speed of things. This is the main reason Backup Buddy doesn’t work, GoDaddy kind of stops it from running it’s course because it gives a spike in your resources. Even though I think the customer support for GoDaddy is the best out there, their service as a server and hosting your website is quite slow now.

I recommend A2hosting, they offer SSD and PHP 7 (both which will speed up your website 2-3x faster). All at competitive prices, they also offer a turbo buster option that is suppose to speed things up 20x!

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