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Atom Custom File Type Detection

Mar 12, 2019 code, OpenCart, web design

In this example I will show you how you can set OpenCart’s .tpl file extension to read as PHP when opening in Atom Editor. Open your config.cson file. Underneath core: add: text.html.php is the “source” and the tpl is the file extension. Now when you open a .tpl file it will read as a PHP […]


Gulp, SCSS and WordPress

Feb 08, 2019 code, web design, wordpress

Ive been using gulp and live reload for many years now. It’s super efficient. Gulp, SCSS aka (sass) and WordPress can be a bit tricky though. Mostly because the typical SCSS structure is to put the final files in directories that aren’t necessarily WordPress friendly or WordPress structured. Also if you are trying to compress […]


CR2 File format fix – Adobe Bridge & Photoshop CS4 on Mac

Oct 07, 2017 articles, photography

Two whole days to work out a fix for Adobe Bridge not previewing my camera raw extension on my Canon 7D. I just recently switched form PC to Mac and had to buy a whole new version of Photoshop. CS4 is old but still works great! I don’t really believe in the cloud model of […]


So you want to be a professional photographer?

Apr 10, 2015 photo, photography

Photography is a very over saturated market. Anyone with a handful of cash can go get a professional camera and start calling themselves a photographer. But a fancy camera and a self imposed title doesn’t make you a professional. When it comes to photography lighting is key. Stop shooting natural light for portrait photography and […]


SEO tips – Don’t believe everything you read online

Dec 14, 2014 seo, web design

Was browsing archives in and came across an old post based on how Google says they don’t use meta description as a ranking factor in their search engine. Below is a snippet: I feel sorry for meta descriptions. Google has long held that meta descriptions do not impact search engine rankings. From a 2007 post on […]


Product Photography done right!

Nov 01, 2014 photography

Today I was looking up product photographers to see some competition. I found some good ones and not so good ones. Then I stumbled onto some tutorials and of course I had to take a gander! Now the funny thing about the internet is there is good content and generic piece of crap content that […]


Subtle Background Patterns and Textures for Web Design

Nov 04, 2013 photoshop, web design

When designing a website, you can spend quite a bit amount of time researching layouts and designs. Getting ideas for the site you are about to design. And usually part of that process is getting some nice textures for enhancing the overall site and making it look really polished. While in the process of that […]


Stock Status aka $stock in OpenCart – How to stylize Stock Status

May 02, 2013 photography

A quick guide to stylize Stock Status in OpenCart You can customize the Stock Status text in OpenCart via the admin panel. If you aren’t sure how just go to System > Localisation > Stock Statuses Easy enough. But what if you want to stylize the In Stock vs Out of Stock. Simple CSS won’t […]


OpenCart Remove Required Telephone on Checkout

Feb 26, 2013 articles, code, web design

Ive been doing quite a few OpenCart customization sites lately. And one thing I always have to do is take out the required telephone field on the checkout page. I haven’t done it in a while, and well when I searched Google for the template pages to go to and find the code, it took […]


Exact Match Domain Names

Jan 15, 2013 articles, seo, web design

Keywords in the URL We have all seen the sites that show up on the first page of a search engine that has the exact same domain name as the phrase you just typed in.  And usually since it has the exact phrase we are searching, we will click on the link. And for the […]