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Feb 10, 2010 articles, web design, wordpress

So you searched the term Dallas WordPress Design in Google, now what?

WordPress is a great framework for creating a CMS (content management system). Being open source, meaning free for anyone to use, there are more and more so called “web design companies” popping up on the internet who claim to be full on web design companies. It’s pretty easy to spot them, their site either looks like every other WordPress site out there or they have very little graphics and just a huge amount of text on their website. This is so they can rank for the term Dallas WordPress Design.

A few quick tips on Dallas WordPress Design search results, if the portfolio of the company you are about to hire looks exactly the same with every design, they are more than likely using a template. Also if they aren’t displaying any samples, but go on and on about how they are WordPress Experts, then they probably are spamming the search engines for rankings. Lastly, it’s usually a good idea to check out their URL source code, to see if their own business website is a template. This is the ultimate give away if these so called experts are actually experts.

Personally I hate working with templates because usually you find that the programmer that created the template didn’t organize things in a logical way. With WordPress it’s even more of a headache, WordPress has a certain flow and structure to it’s framework and usually someone building a template decides not to follow that flow or the WordPress structure, and it makes it even harder to find the files you need to edit. Not to mention all the bloated code for giving a template the flexibility of multiple users. Usually it is faster and better to just do custom development.

A couple things you should know about these “WordPress only” companies. Usually you will find them using the same template over and over again. Or just modifying the Twenty Ten Template that ships with a WordPress install. This approach does not make them a web design company and surely not an expert on WordPress. I have written a  few articles over the years for spotting these template monsters and how to  see if they are using templates for their work and charging you for custom work. Visit my spotting a WordPress Template post, and you might also want to read my guide for hiring a web designer.

Here are a few custom WordPress Designs Ive done over the years. You can see my official portfolio here.

custom wordpress design
dallas wordpress design
dallas wordpress design

Also new to WordPress and not really sure what it has to offer? Take a quick look at this video below related to the back end of WordPress. I typically offer a free one hour training for my clients when they get a WordPress design from me. This is just a quick look at what you would see when logged into the back end of your WordPress website.