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Jun 22, 2013 articles

Web Design, are you getting what you paid for?

There is a big difference between a designer that adds some flair and style to your overall brand and the company that just “programs” out your website.

An easy to spot give away if the company you are about to hire is truly a designer friendly web design company, is the font! Yup, simple right. All you have to do is look if they have put the attention into the fonts on their sample design sites. Not only seeing if they picked a custom font outside the standard Arial, or Times Roman but also the color choice. The dead give away is if they use pure black fonts on a white background. This is LAZY! Also it makes the text have too much contrast and hard to read and hard on the eyes. Dialing back the #000 (standard black color for text for HTML aka default) to something like #444 (a more charcoal color). This small attention to detail is what separates the true designers from the so called designers. The code part is the easy part! The design and having an eye for visual aesthetics, that’s where the real talent is. Without that, you just have someone who claims to be a designer. This is the big difference from design and code!

So what’s your font face?