SEO Services

My SEO campaigns are best to implement at the start of your design. Or if you already have a site and are just looking for SEO services, I am capable of that as well. I offer SEO services in basic site optimization, keyword research and competition analysis. As well as PPC campaigns for advertising on Google and Bing search engines.

Specializing in local SEO for Dallas and surrounding areas. The SEO campaigns are based on an initial SEO analysis and strategy development that is implemented in a span of 6 months. Using the latest tracking and analysis software to monitor your rankings for targeted keywords, to get your website more visibility on the web.

More visibility means more customers.

SEO plans start as low as $400 a month and I offer anywhere between 4-12 keyword that are targeted to get your website more visibility and traffic. The techniques used are industry approved techniques without the nonsense that most SEO companies use. There is no stuffing the same word 50 times on one page, and there won’t be multiple pages of useless information in hopes to rank for multiple keywords. Most importantly there will never be a “links” or “resource” page, linking to other random sites. Quality over quantity is the philosophy used when building web presence.

You should never sacrifice web design for SEO. What I offer is the best of both worlds, clean, sleek, creative designs, with powerful SEO campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization Process
  • In depth keyword research and competition analysis
  • On Page Website Optimization
  • Syndication through multiple avenues
  • Website promotion through multiple channels
  • Tracking and Tweaking
Already have a website and had some SEO done, but not getting the results you expected?

For a small one time fee of $300 you can get an in depth website analysis that will help you see your website’s strength and weaknesses. This includes keyword research, top 5 competitor research and analysis, meta data analysis, and over all status of your current website.

Call or email me for a more detailed description of our SEO plans and strategies.