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A Productive Workflow. How to be extremely efficient at what you do.

Nov 10, 2013 articles, books

Lately I have decided to revisit the chapter of time management in The Four Hour Work Week.  Author Tim Ferriss offers great advice on how to be extreme efficient and tips and tricks on helping you avoid wasting time on tasks or things that you “think” are keeping you productive. Over the years I have refined […]


Where to learn web design and programming on the web for free!

Apr 30, 2013 articles, code

Over the years I have found some great free online places to learn new code. Some will actually walk you through the code making challenges, others videos, and then of course just the text tutorials. YouTube is a great resource. Outside of YouTube you can checkout these websites. Top Choice – (Videos) This guys […]


WordPress Security through htaccess

Apr 03, 2013 articles, code, wordpress

There are quite a few plugins for enhancing your WordPress site from getting hacked via the login page. Over the years I have used limit login attempts plugin for blocking IP addresses that get your login credientials wrong in certain number of tries. This works well for bruteforce attacks.  And the settings are very customizable […]


Will LinkedIn Groups be the next Yahoo Groups?

Mar 31, 2013 articles, branding

The Future of LinkedIn Groups? With the added LinkedIn groups, seems to be more and more shameless business promotions. Will LinkedIn groups eventually turn into Yahoo Groups? Yahoo groups used to be a nice spot to find like minded conversations on topics at hand. Grant it this was way before and it had more […]


Branding isn’t Imitating Someone Else

Mar 16, 2013 articles, branding

Building a brand is about creating  a specific look, a certain type of message, being original. Cookie cutters need not apply! Lately I have noticed that some so called web design companies who use WordPress as their framework or code of choice are duplicating their own business website for their clients. Using the same layout, […]


OpenCart Remove Required Telephone on Checkout

Feb 26, 2013 articles, code, web design

Ive been doing quite a few OpenCart customization sites lately. And one thing I always have to do is take out the required telephone field on the checkout page. I haven’t done it in a while, and well when I searched Google for the template pages to go to and find the code, it took […]


Value of SEO

Jan 24, 2013 articles, seo

What should you expect to pay for an SEO campaign? There are tons of factors on what price you should be paying for an online marketing campaign and Search Engine Optimization. #1 Factor your Market Are you targeting a local market or a global market? Local markets are easier to handle, less competition, and better […]


Exact Match Domain Names

Jan 15, 2013 articles, seo, web design

Keywords in the URL We have all seen the sites that show up on the first page of a search engine that has the exact same domain name as the phrase you just typed in.  And usually since it has the exact phrase we are searching, we will click on the link. And for the […]


Is your web design company legitimate?

Dec 11, 2012 articles, seo, web design, wordpress

Is the company or individual you are about to hire a legitimate web design or development firm or person? Or are they just template builders that charge excess fees for changing out content on a template based design. As an open source content management system, WordPress has become one of the most popular FREE CMS […]


Lead Generating Websites

Dec 08, 2012 articles, seo

Why you should avoid lead generating websites More and more lead generating websites are popping up. You probably know of the few bigger name ones. And you might of actually got some phone calls or emails from some of the smaller ones. Now the problem with these sites are that they want you to pay […]