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Shortcode output at top of page content in WordPress

Come across a shortcode glitch a while back when I was building custom interface for a client site. The shortcode’s output was displaying at the top of the page content, no matter where I dropped the shortcode. Searched around for quite a bit until I found the fix. Hopefully you will find this blog post […]


Open Cart vQmod to Remove List View

Remove List View in Open Cart Recently I wrote a post on how to remove the list view in Open Cart. It is fairly easy, and since I have been having to do it quite often for client sites, I figured I might as well write a vQmod for this purpose. Im fairly new to […]


Trim whitespace on WordPress Excerpt

Recently built a client website and was pulling in a custom excerpt to the homepage for a custom post type. Everything worked fine until the client decided they were going to add a header image above every post and add some returns before the actual text started. This change on their end started giving my […]


Custom Contact Form in WordPress

Your own custom Contact Form in WordPress. There are tons of contact form plugins. For a while I was using Contact Form 7, but after a few plugin updates, I was starting to get feedback the form was giving problems. Always spitting out an error that the form couldn’t be submitted. So I decided that […]


Where to learn web design and programming on the web for free!

Over the years I have found some great free online places to learn new code. Some will actually walk you through the code making challenges, others videos, and then of course just the text tutorials. YouTube is a great resource. Outside of YouTube you can checkout these websites. Top Choice – (Videos) This guys […]


Removing Sidebar Menus in WordPress

Sometimes you just want to clean up the WordPress Admin side bar. Whether you want to limit your client’s access to certain sections. Remove a Whole Menu in WordPress For instance Appearance, sometimes you don’t want to give them access to editing the custom theme you developed. Just paste this code into your functions file […]


Customizing WordPress Admin Side bar

Quick code to paste into your functions file for customizing your sidebar order in the admin section of WordPress. Some clients won’t need the Posts at the top, maybe their blog is secondary to their website, usually better to put the Posts and Comments together. Just change the order of how you want to customize […]


Is your web design company legitimate?

Is the company or individual you are about to hire a legitimate web design or development firm or person? Or are they just template builders that charge excess fees for changing out content on a template based design. As an open source content management system, WordPress has become one of the most popular FREE CMS […]


How to spot a WordPress Template

Was your site built with a WordPress Template? Finding the right web design company or person is always a tricky endeavor. With so many so called “web designers” it can be tough finding a web design company that truly know what they are doing. If you are getting a custom web design done, it’s sometimes […]