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Flat and minimalist is the trend not generic!

So the trend is going flat and minimalist. Artistic negative space and keeping things simple is a good thing, but why is it then are websites starting to become generic? I am not sure how or when companies started to think that flat and minimalist is all about being generic. Sorry you still need to […]


Best Designers

Top Designer Blogs There are tons of great inspiration out there on the web. And in an age of bloggers, you are bound to find great information, tutorials, and creative talent. Best part is they post regularly and you can keep going back to their blog site over and over again to get tips or […]


Dallas Printer

Looking for a quality printer in the Dallas area? Being a graphic designer I often come across many clients who need a printer with their design. Lucky for them graphic design and print pretty much go hand and hand. I have worked with many printers in the Dallas area, and some where good and some […]