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Google Penguin Recovery – SEO

How to recover from Google Penguin update So your site was killing it in rankings, and then the new Penguin 3.0 algorithm came and now your seo rankings are in the gutter! Why? How? If you found this post you more than likely already know why or how penguin works. It’s about over optimized anchor text. […]


Value of SEO

What should you expect to pay for an SEO campaign? There are tons of factors on what price you should be paying for an online marketing campaign and Search Engine Optimization. #1 Factor your Market Are you targeting a local market or a global market? Local markets are easier to handle, less competition, and better […]


Lead Generating Websites

Why you should avoid lead generating websites More and more lead generating websites are popping up. You probably know of the few bigger name ones. And you might of actually got some phone calls or emails from some of the smaller ones. Now the problem with these sites are that they want you to pay […]


Common SEO Misconceptions

Is everyone a SEO expert? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is beginning to become a house hold service for web design companies as an add on. Hell even Godaddy is throwing around the SEO term. Companies seem to know what words to use for selling SEO services. Keywords, backlinks, onsite optimization. They list big names like […]


Local SEO Rankings the elegant way

Not every so called SEO expert out there knows exactly what they are doing.  And most have no real clue on how to rank sites elegantly without all the excessive text and excessive pages for every city they are trying to target! Folks there is a wrong way and a right way. While building a […]


Dallas Website Design

Today I was browsing my competition for the keyword Dallas Website Design. As I am writing this I am on the first page of Google for this search term. Just the 10th spot for now. But after looking at other sites that are ranking for Dallas Website Design, I am blown away that a company […]


I disapprove

*====Updated August 2019===== Wix still sucks guys! *====Updated October 2015===== On October 14, 2015 Search Engine Land wrote an article that Google had dropped pages out of their index. Google officially confirmed that they were working on getting Wix sites back into their search engine. And funny enough Google mention the exact same day it was […]


Examples of bad web design with seo services

There are so many companies out there selling SEO services who call themselves web designers. As if being able to rank for keywords all of a sudden makes you a web designer.  Anyone can throw up some html and have a website live but that doesn’t make them a web designer.  Now it is easy […]


SEO and Web Design

It’s not all about SEO! That’s right I said it. I am sure you won’t hear many people say it, but it is true. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is very important but it isn’t worth sacrificing the design of your website.  A whole bunch of text on your webpage without pretty graphics, or a visual […]