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Where to learn web design and programming on the web for free!

Over the years I have found some great free online places to learn new code. Some will actually walk you through the code making challenges, others videos, and then of course just the text tutorials. YouTube is a great resource. Outside of YouTube you can checkout these websites. Top Choice – (Videos) This guys […]


Exact Match Domain Names

Keywords in the URL We have all seen the sites that show up on the first page of a search engine that has the exact same domain name as the phrase you just typed in.  And usually since it has the exact phrase we are searching, we will click on the link. And for the […]


Is your web design company legitimate?

Is the company or individual you are about to hire a legitimate web design or development firm or person? Or are they just template builders that charge excess fees for changing out content on a template based design. As an open source content management system, WordPress has become one of the most popular FREE CMS […]


Launched Craig’s New WordPress Design

Welcome to the new site It’s been a few years since I did a new design on my website. And I finally found some time to get in a new design on my current WordPress installation. The ultimate goal was to create something new and innovative. There are so many WordPress sites out there that […]

Dallas Web Design Company

Guide to Hiring a Web Design Company. When it comes to hiring a web designer or a web design company, there are a  few things you should take in consideration before you commit to one person or company. In this article I am going to break down the basics, now some of this information might […]


Dallas Website Design

Today I was browsing my competition for the keyword Dallas Website Design. As I am writing this I am on the first page of Google for this search term. Just the 10th spot for now. But after looking at other sites that are ranking for Dallas Website Design, I am blown away that a company […]


Custom Template Page in WordPress

Adding a custom page template inside WordPress is pretty easy. Just need a little bit of code at the top of the file and you have your very own custom template page you can reference through out your theme. For instance, you want your homepage to be a full width with no side bar. Then […]


Web Design Portfolio Examples

Misleading Web Design Examples When it comes to web design, there are tons of sites out there that have website samples. Lately I have been coming across these sites that have web design samples but once you dig a little deeper the live website of their so called design isn’t what is displayed on their […]