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WordPress Site Development

There is a right way and a wrong way how to develop a client’s WordPress site. When you develop a site for a client you more than likely always put it up on a test server before you put it on their live server. This gives them a chance to look it over and to […]


Where to learn web design and programming on the web for free!

Over the years I have found some great free online places to learn new code. Some will actually walk you through the code making challenges, others videos, and then of course just the text tutorials. YouTube is a great resource. Outside of YouTube you can checkout these websites. Top Choice – (Videos) This guys […]


Is your web design company legitimate?

Is the company or individual you are about to hire a legitimate web design or development firm or person? Or are they just template builders that charge excess fees for changing out content on a template based design. As an open source content management system, WordPress has become one of the most popular FREE CMS […]


Web Design vs Web Development

Web Design and Web Development. What’s the difference? I get tons of phone calls for people looking for a web designer and then once we get into more detail of what they want out of their website, I find that they are looking for a web developer. So I would like to point out the […]


Dallas WordPress Design

So you searched the term Dallas WordPress Design in Google, now what? WordPress is a great framework for creating a CMS (content management system). Being open source, meaning free for anyone to use, there are more and more so called “web design companies” popping up on the internet who claim to be full on web […]