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Launched Craig’s New WordPress Design

Welcome to the new site It’s been a few years since I did a new design on my website. And I finally found some time to get in a new design on my current WordPress installation. The ultimate goal was to create something new and innovative. There are so many WordPress sites out there that […]

How to spot a WordPress Template

Was your site built with a WordPress Template? Finding the right web design company or person is always a tricky endeavor. With so many so called “web designers” it can be tough finding a web design company that truly know what they are doing. If you are getting a custom web design done, it’s sometimes […]


Custom Template Page in WordPress

Adding a custom page template inside WordPress is pretty easy. Just need a little bit of code at the top of the file and you have your very own custom template page you can reference through out your theme. For instance, you want your homepage to be a full width with no side bar. Then […]


Dallas WordPress Design

So you searched the term Dallas WordPress Design in Google, now what? WordPress is a great framework for creating a CMS (content management system). Being open source, meaning free for anyone to use, there are more and more so called “web design companies” popping up on the internet who claim to be full on web […]