My name is Craig Smith a Dallas based Freelance Web Designer & WordPress Developer

Focusing on web design through WordPress for surrounding and Dallas based businesses. Building a brand through your website and translating that across all mediums. Outside of web design, I also offer other creative services including logo design and print design. Whether you are looking for website design or graphic design, I approach everything from a branding and advertising perspective. Giving your artwork visual aesthetics and a clean coded website.

Web Designer, Web Development & WordPress Development

Not all websites are created equal. In this modern age everyone has a website, but the real question is, did you hire a good web designer? The key to a good website design can be broken down into 3 easy steps. Great design, clean code structure for SEO, and good content. You shouldn't sacrifice one for the other. I specialize in creative web design and WordPress development for building your brand and giving your website visitors an easy to navigate site that stands out from your competition. Building your brand isn't about having a cookie cutter website.

I prefer WordPress as my go to platform for building websites but I am more than just a "WordPress only Shop". I'm a WordPress developer, I know how to write code, and I have a very good understanding about WordPress core and how to write customized code that integrates into WordPress natively. I am also a web security enthusiast as well as a designer. I have a background in print design, so I have skills in both design and programming.

Being a small business owner myself, I know that presentation is key to a successful business. And that is exactly what I try and represent on every design I put out. Let me help you make a good impression on your customers and give a pleasurable experience to your website visitors.

I specialize in creative HTML & CSS style website design. As well as full custom WordPress Theme designs. Giving you a stunning and functional website.

Print Advertisement. For my graphic designs I like to use bold colors, and stunning imagery in my designs. Grabbing attention and guiding your audience to your message.

Branding your company with a fresh, modern logo to be used across all mediums. Designed from a print perspective, using vector graphics and CMYK.

Website & WordPress security. Implementing industry standard security measures code and server side. Along with a handful of custom features developed over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

As a WordPress developer, I do not use paid themes. I do not believe if you are hiring a WordPress developer, that you should have to pay a continuous license to keep your theme up to date, same goes for page builders. There is no need to pay $100s of dollars a year for a page builder when WordPress has it’s own block editor. I have always built custom themes my whole career and I find that paid themes are coded in a very bad way with tons of bloat. They typically do not incorporating into WordPress natively and just writing code on top of WordPress, or forcing website owners to use specific plugins for compatibility.

The short answer, yes. But more than likely your last WordPress developer or WordPress designer has included bloated code, a paid theme, or even a paid plugin that handles your whole website layout. (Elementor, Divi, Avada ect) The process of a redesign is usually cleaning up the mess first and getting a cleaner WordPress code base which includes incorporating your site into WordPress natively with minimal third party applications for content editing.

Yes, WordPress support comes in many forms. If you find yourself with a blank white screen, we can help. You updated your WordPress core or WordPress plugins and now your website is broken, we can help. If you need WordPress support in the form of showing you how WordPress backed works, we can do that too via screen share training. But we typically do not offer support for WordPress websites that are relying heavily on a paid theme or a page builder plugin. With the exception of Elmentor using the base Hello Elementor theme.

The over all process of our WordPress design or development usually depends on the project scope. But on average we can deliver a fully functional WordPress website within 6-8 weeks, for smaller projects it can be as soon as 4 weeks. Our process is the same for both design and development as we are creating a custom theme to match our design.

  1. Design: Create a mock up in Photoshop of the home page design and layout as well as a sub page. Once the artwork is approved we move to development.
  2. Development: Code out a WordPress theme that matches our mock ups. Deploy to a demo server for real world interaction and WordPress admin access.
  3. Live: Migrate your newly created custom WordPress website to your server of choice.