Craig Smith Web Coder,
Designer and Photographer

Im a graphic artist, who offers a handful of creative services, currently residing in Dallas TX.  My skill set includes web design, web development, and graphic design for print media. I first started my career in the graphics world in 2003 and have become an expert in many fields. Having jumped from one creative field to another I know the ins and out of any creative production environment and understand the full spectrum of branding a business. 

The last couple of years in my spare time I am usually nerding out on my computer with hack the box or some other cyber security matters. Also ChatGPT is keeping me busy.

I first found my creative passion in a well known program called Photoshop. I was amazed by how much could be accomplished with just one program. I became obsessed with Photoshop, and read as many books, and online tutorials I could find on it. Spending hours a day learning all there was to know about Photoshop. And naturally that progressed into web design and print design. Ive spent thousands of hours learning all the tricks of the trade. I have worked on many projects and with many different companies and have found that running my own business gives me the freedom of design to create something original.