WordPress & Server Security

If you looked over your server logs and seen how many attacks are being used on your site just on a daily basis, it would probably scare you. If you are using WordPress, WordPress has a huge target on it’s back. You need to make sure you have some security measures in place, as well as follow a good password policy. Maintenance is an important part of keeping things patched and secure. We offer server, and WordPress maintenance services with an affordable monthly price.

WordPress & Server Hardening

Industry standard WordPress and server hardening with our special security features we’ve developed over 10 years as a bonus.

Automate Regular Backups

Setup an automated backup system for a fail safe version of your Website or WordPress installation. Giving you a full point of restoration if necessary.

WordPress Monthly Updates

At a very affordable monthly price we will maintain your WordPress and Plugin updates on a monthly basis. All human interaction to ensure nothing breaks.

Malware Clean up

Clean up services to get your site back to a clean version. Prices vary based on what type of hack has occurred and the size of your website.