WordPress Security

According to Forbe Magazine 33,000 websites are hacked every 24 hours
If you have landed on this page, more than likely you are here because your WordPress website has been hacked. Hackers are on the rise as hacking tools become more readily available, and the best way to protect yourself is a strong password. Yup this one simple thing can keep your website, email, and accounts safe. More than likely the reason your website has been hacked is you have a weak password on your login. We have a strong password generator that you should checkout that explains what a strong password is.


Standard WordPress Clean Up

Find and eliminate hacked files. Service is for hacked sites that use javascript to hide text and links in the header of your website. Once site is cleaned, will implement our WordPress best practices, to ensure the likely hood of your website getting hacked again is slim to none.


One Time Fee $55

WordPress Clean Up & Backup Plugin

Find and eliminate hacked files. Once site is cleaned, will implement our WordPress best practices. Also includes Backup Buddy, a plugin for scheduling monthly backups of your website. You are getting Backup Buddy at a fraction of the cost. An $80 value for $30.


One Time Fee $85


We include these best practices.

1. A limit login attempt system and captcha
This is to detour hackers using automated software on your login page also know as brute force attack.(more than likely the reason your site was hacked, a weak password and brute force attack only means a matter of time before you get hacked.)

2. Restricting Access to sensitive files
We will make sure that no one can access sensitive files, like your wp-config which stores database login credentials, wp-includes and wp-admin, which are your core files that no one should have access to on the “front end” of your website.

3. Change File Permissions
We will change file permissions to read only on a few key files on your server, this helps to prevent hackers to write code to core files if your website does get hacked.

4. Disable Admin Editing
We will turn off Admin Editing of your theme and plugins. 99% of companies don’t edit their theme or plugin files manually so we will turn off this capability. This helps if a hacker does get through to your admin panel, they can not add custom code to your header(which is probably the way your site got hacked in the first place), footer, or plugins. Basically locking down your admin and making it a hack free zone.