Examples of bad web design with seo services

Jan 06, 2012 articles

There are so many companies out there selling SEO services who call themselves web designers. As if being able to rank for keywords all of a sudden makes you a web designer.  Anyone can throw up some html and have a website live but that doesn’t make them a web designer.  Now it is easy to fall victim of an SEO service provider who will want to design your website as well.  But there are plenty of good designers who know all about SEO, so why not find both?

Even though content is king, cramping nothing but text on your website isn’t a very good idea especially if you are trying to build a brand. You think coca cola got to where they are because they just bombarded people with information about how good coke is? NO! It is a visual, branding and reputation thing. Your website is no different. And even though it might be tempting to go with a company that has a good track record for landing you on the first page of Google, in the long run it isn’t worth a bad design.

Here is a website that heavily promotes SEO that offers web design services.

Now I count 3 graphic elements on the homepage(we aren’t counting the social media buttons). Two of the graphics are a logo, and picture of the website owner which are blurred out to protect the identity of the site. The third graphic? Google Adsense! Yup they have a big fat advertisement banner in the side bar that is pretty much the only graphical element on their website. So prime example of a web designer that is an SEO person that uses cramming as much text as possible into their website so they can rank for a keyword.  Wanna know how many times they repeat the word SEO on just one page? 51 times.  Trust me this isn’t what you want your website to look like.