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Contact Form Spam Protection

May 31, 2023 articles, code
contact form stop spam

Contact form spam is almost as bad as straight email spam. As a developer, I’ve tried many methods on how to help cut down on the spam. Today I am going to share with you a technique that actually works almost 100% on it’s own and since implementing it, works better than captcha! Jump to […]


Top Tips to De-Google your life

Jan 22, 2023 articles, seo

Over the years I have been implementing more and more ways to De-Google myself. Recently had a Google experience that has pushed me to finally completely De-Google. After getting a new ISP, Google decided to lock me out of an email account that I have had and used with no problems for over 10 years! […]


Push Button SEO

Feb 18, 2022 articles, seo
push button seo reports

You have all seen them, push button SEO reports. Even if it comes in as a bunch of spreadsheets, it’s more than likely a push button report. I get them from spam emails as well as clients who receive them from marketing companies. It’s generally the same thing, you have tons of errors that need […]


Wix Misinformed

Feb 03, 2022 articles, seo
Wix SEO No Good

In light of the buzz word misinformation. This post touches a little on what misinformation is and how it’s been running rampant on the internet for a very, very long time. TL;DR is not a good platform for a business website. It’s horrible at search engine visibility and 95% of the information online is […]


Woocommerce Variation Threshold

If your Woocommerce store has a lot of variations with specific attributes you might come across an instance when the options are not displaying properly. It’s showing everything instead of only assigned variation for an attribute. And yet when you pick a combination of something that’s should be hidden you get this message. Now a […]


4 must have firewall rules for WordPress

Jun 11, 2020 articles, code, wordpress

So many bots scanning your server even if you aren’t WordPress but if you are running WordPress here are 4 must have rules to help block attacks and save server bandwidth. First you need to rename your login url. A plugin will handle this for you, I recommend iTheme Security. The free version works fine. […]


5 Reasons your app sucks

Feb 08, 2020 articles, code

You don’t have a desktop/website version of your app but yet you make me create an account to access your content. So I can not login on my computer to access your content. (5 Mile app this one’s for you!) I can’t export my data. You have no feature to export all my data I […]


2020 the real Google mobilegeddon

Jan 25, 2020 articles, responsive design, seo
Google Official Mobilegeddon

Back in 2015 the internet was in a panic! Google had announced that it was going to factor in whether your site was mobile friendly as a ranking factor. This left website owners struggling to try and meet the deadline and get a mobile friendly version of their website up. It was a big cash […]


Favicon is now a SEO factor

Jan 18, 2020 articles, seo
Favicon is now a SEO factor

*Update: After much criticism from the community Google has removed the favicon from their search results for now. But in an ever evolving SEO world Google can make really bad decisions that affect your website’s SEO and the below is a case that almost played out!! Google has finally rolled out their experimental layout of […]


How to remove favicon in Google Search

Dec 09, 2019 articles, code, seo
Remove Favicon from Google Search

====Update 2023==== Google favicons are back. Yuck! Use this selector in Adblocker Plus to hide favicons from Google. (follow the guide below but switch out with the selector below) ================= Annoying little Google! I just noticed when using Google to search it shows all these annoying and mostly ugly favicons next to the url in […]