Migrating Concrete5 to new server

Jan 09, 2015 articles

Guide to Migrating Concrete5

There are a couple issues when you are transferring your local development site to a live server.

1. Turn off pretty urls if you have them set on your site. I ran into .htaccess issues spitting out a 500 error, so best to turn pretty urls off first.

2. Second zip up your files and ftp them to your live server.

3. Next export your database and import it into a fresh database on your server.

4. There seems to be a database issue when you do a local install on an XAMMP stack. The table names are all lowercase and they should be camel case. Below is the code to change the table names back to camel case. Something that is buggy and hopefully new versions of Concrete 5 will opt out of camel case and stick to lowercase. Paste this into your sql query window inside of phpmyadmin on your live server after you import your database.

RENAME TABLE areagroupblocktypes TO AreaGroupBlockTypes;
RENAME TABLE areagroups TO AreaGroups;
RENAME TABLE areas TO Areas;
RENAME TABLE blockrelations TO BlockRelations;
RENAME TABLE blocks TO Blocks;
RENAME TABLE blocktypes TO BlockTypes;
RENAME TABLE btcontentfile TO btContentFile;
RENAME TABLE btcontentimage TO btContentImage;
RENAME TABLE btcontentlocal TO btContentLocal;
RENAME TABLE btexternalform TO btExternalForm;
RENAME TABLE btfile TO btFile;
RENAME TABLE btflashcontent TO btFlashContent;
RENAME TABLE btform TO btForm;
RENAME TABLE btformanswers TO btFormAnswers;
RENAME TABLE btformanswerset TO btFormAnswerSet;
RENAME TABLE btformquestions TO btFormQuestions;
RENAME TABLE btgooglemap TO btGoogleMap;
RENAME TABLE btguestbook TO btGuestBook;
RENAME TABLE btguestbookentries TO btGuestBookEntries;
RENAME TABLE btnavigation TO btNavigation;
RENAME TABLE btpagelist TO btPageList;
RENAME TABLE btrssdisplay TO btRssDisplay;
RENAME TABLE btsearch TO btSearch;
RENAME TABLE btslideshow TO btSlideshow;
RENAME TABLE btslideshowimg TO btSlideshowImg;
RENAME TABLE btsurvey TO btSurvey;
RENAME TABLE btsurveyoptions TO btSurveyOptions;
RENAME TABLE btsurveyresults TO btSurveyResults;
RENAME TABLE btvideo TO btVideo;
RENAME TABLE btyoutube TO btYouTube;
RENAME TABLE collectionattributekeys TO CollectionAttributeKeys;
RENAME TABLE collectionattributevalues TO CollectionAttributeValues;
RENAME TABLE collections TO Collections;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionblockpermissions TO CollectionVersionBlockPermissions;
RENAME TABLE collectionversionblocks TO CollectionVersionBlocks;
RENAME TABLE collectionversions TO CollectionVersions;
RENAME TABLE config TO Config;
RENAME TABLE dashboardhomepage TO DashboardHomepage;
RENAME TABLE groups TO Groups;
RENAME TABLE jobslog TO JobsLog;
RENAME TABLE packages TO Packages;
RENAME TABLE pagepaths TO PagePaths;
RENAME TABLE pagepermissionpagetypes TO PagePermissionPageTypes;
RENAME TABLE pagepermissions TO PagePermissions;
RENAME TABLE pages TO Pages;
RENAME TABLE pagestatistics TO PageStatistics;
RENAME TABLE pagethemes TO PageThemes;
RENAME TABLE pagetypeattributes TO PageTypeAttributes;
RENAME TABLE pagetypes TO PageTypes;
RENAME TABLE pilecontents TO PileContents;
RENAME TABLE piles TO Piles;
RENAME TABLE userattributekeys TO UserAttributeKeys;
RENAME TABLE userattributevalues TO UserAttributeValues;
RENAME TABLE usergroups TO UserGroups;
RENAME TABLE users TO Users;
RENAME TABLE uservalidationhashes TO UserValidationHashes;

5. Change your config file to match your new database info.


6. Delete your cache folder.


7. Login not working? You might need to reset your password. Reset your password on your login screen, then inside your new database find the Logs table, you will see the new entry of email LogType>sent_emails, view details and in LogText you can grab the reset url from the database.

After that you should be all up and running. If you found other things please leave comments. It took me quite a while to find any information on the problems I was having so I am hoping this post will get some good comments for others whom might be having problems as well.