Open Cart vQmod to Remove List View

Feb 23, 2014 code, OpenCart

Remove List View in Open Cart

Recently I wrote a post on how to remove the list view in Open Cart. It is fairly easy, and since I have been having to do it quite often for client sites, I figured I might as well write a vQmod for this purpose. Im fairly new to vQmod, but from what I saw it is pretty easy stuff.

If you aren’t familiar with vQmod you need to download the folder (, and extract it to your root directory. Once extracted type in once that you get the success message just drop in my removeListView.xml file in the xml folder inside the vqmod folder and you are good to go! Don’t forget to delete the install directory in the vqmod folder.

*Note this vQmod is setup for vqmod 2.4.1 and the latest (at the time of writing this) OpenCart version it might work for earlier or future versions of OpenCart or it might not. It is also setup for the default theme, since we are editing the view side of things (front end templates), it will for sure break with any other themes, in which case use the manual way I have listed in my remove the list view blog post.