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Search Engines are a dying technology

Nov 15, 2023 AI, code

AI is going to change the whole landscape of how people get information. The days you fired up your browser and go to Google, Bing, Duckduckgo or insert your favorite search engine, are soon to be antiquated behavior. While big tech is pushing out new tech and jumping on the AI bandwagon. What they do […]


Contact Form Spam Protection

May 31, 2023 articles, code
contact form stop spam

Contact form spam is almost as bad as straight email spam. As a developer, I’ve tried many methods on how to help cut down on the spam. Today I am going to share with you a technique that actually works almost 100% on it’s own and since implementing it, works better than captcha! Jump to […]


Fully Custom WordPress Themes: A Developer’s Perspective

May 19, 2023 code, wordpress
custom wordpress theme developers perspective

As a seasoned WordPress developer, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring various WordPress themes, and through my experience, I’ve come to appreciate the advantages of developing fully custom WordPress themes. In this article, I’ll dive into my reasons why a fully custom theme is often superior to a child theme, based on real-world experience. Creative […]


Woocommerce Variation Threshold

If your Woocommerce store has a lot of variations with specific attributes you might come across an instance when the options are not displaying properly. It’s showing everything instead of only assigned variation for an attribute. And yet when you pick a combination of something that’s should be hidden you get this message. Now a […]


Local Storage with selenium

Feb 23, 2021 code

TL;DR Here is a quick way to add local storage for any website that is storing tokens inside local storage using python and selenium. What is local storage? A local storage token is a string of text that is stored on the client-side (typically within a web browser) and used to authenticate a user or […]


Automate your life with code

Jan 19, 2021 code

One of my favorite things about code is you can automate some of your life, or just speed up the process on many tedious tasks. Here are some tips and ticks as well as my process Ive gone through to help automated many things in my life. In the beginning. My very first real attempt […]


4 must have firewall rules for WordPress

Jun 11, 2020 articles, code, wordpress

So many bots scanning your server even if you aren’t WordPress but if you are running WordPress here are 4 must have rules to help block attacks and save server bandwidth. First you need to rename your login url. A plugin will handle this for you, I recommend iTheme Security. The free version works fine. […]


5 Reasons your app sucks

Feb 08, 2020 articles, code

You don’t have a desktop/website version of your app but yet you make me create an account to access your content. So I can not login on my computer to access your content. (5 Mile app this one’s for you!) I can’t export my data. You have no feature to export all my data I […]


How to remove favicon in Google Search

Dec 09, 2019 articles, code, seo
Remove Favicon from Google Search

====Update 2023==== Google favicons are back. Yuck! Use this selector in Adblocker Plus to hide favicons from Google. (follow the guide below but switch out with the selector below) ================= Annoying little Google! I just noticed when using Google to search it shows all these annoying and mostly ugly favicons next to the url in […]


Atom Custom File Type Detection

Mar 12, 2019 code, OpenCart, web design

In this example I will show you how you can set OpenCart’s .tpl file extension to read as PHP when opening in Atom Editor. Open your config.cson file. Underneath core: add: text.html.php is the “source” and the tpl is the file extension. Now when you open a .tpl file it will read as a PHP […]