SEO tips – Don’t believe everything you read online

Dec 14, 2014 seo, web design

Was browsing archives in and came across an old post based on how Google says they don’t use meta description as a ranking factor in their search engine. Below is a snippet:

I feel sorry for meta descriptions.

Google has long held that meta descriptions do not impact search engine rankings. From a 2007 post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog:

[I]t’s worth noting that while accurate meta descriptions can improve clickthrough, they won’t affect your ranking within search results.

Google reiterated this point yet again in 2009 in a post stating that the meta keywords tag was not used as a ranking signal:

Even though we sometimes use the description meta tag for the snippets we show, we still don’t use the description meta tag in our ranking.

Thus, people have long neglected meta descriptions, pushing them to the back burner or delegating their creation to the lowly intern. Once written, meta descriptions are scarcely given a second glance or further consideration.

Meta descriptions get short shrift because well-written descriptions won’t help your site rank.


Don’t always believe what you read online or what Google tells you.

From 2010-2102 when I was doing a lot of client SEO, I was able to rank websites for keywords with just one simple change. Adding keywords to their meta title and meta description! That’s right, one little change and I was able to rank sites for keywords based strictly on meta description. So the fact that in 2007 and tried to re-enforce in 2009 Google is full of it! So here you have a big brand website “parroting” what Google says and basically repeating misinformation! Sure now you won’t be able to rank with just meta description, but it took about 7 years for when Google stated how they ranked things for it to actually be true. So if you are constantly referring to Google on how their rankings work, it’s all just misguidance. Of course they aren’t going to tell you the truth or people would start ranking higher for keywords and manipulate their system.

Real SEO experts run tests

If the company you hired or sales person you are talking to is filling you with what Google says, then you probably aren’t going to see very good results. Sure you will see some increase after all you they are targeting your site for specific rankings, but you probably won’t see great results! More than likely they will mask their organic efforts with up selling you for Paid advertisement, as well as social media add-ons. But if you really look at their organic search results after paying them huge lumps of money on all the other crap they sold you on you will probably find your rankings really didn’t budge that much. And if you aren’t on the first page of Google it really doesn’t matter how much they changed your rankings, people rarely search past the first page.

Someone who is good at what they do will have some SEO testing sites that they are testing these so called Google methods out on. And I can tell you that most of these guys, the legitimate know their stuff guys, know that what Google says isn’t necessarily how it works.