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How I survived Mobilegeddon

It’s been 1 year 2 months and 2 days since Google announced it was going to rank websites that were responsive better than websites that weren’t responsive in their mobile search index. Tons of people were freaking out about this and coined the term Mobilegeddon. There was so much hype and I even got scare […]


2016 Review

On October 14, 2015 Search Engine Land wrote an article that Google had dropped pages out of their index. Google officially confirmed that they were working on getting Wix sites back into their search engine. This is no surprise, I have been saying this back in May 2012 blog post about how Wix sucks for a […]


Why you need to be Mr. know it all

Running a web design business is much more than just being a web designer. So many companies out there learn a little bit about WordPress backend and market themselves as a web design company. But they are lacking in so many other areas. Reasons why you need to be a Mr. know it all A […]


SEO tips – Don’t believe everything you read online

Was browsing archives in and came across an old post based on how Google says they don’t use meta description as a ranking factor in their search engine. Bleow is a snippet: I feel sorry for meta descriptions. Google has long held that meta descriptions do not impact search engine rankings. From a 2007 post on […]


Google Penguin Recovery – SEO

How to recover from Google Penguin update So your site was killing it in rankings, and then the new Penguin 3.0 algorithm came and now your seo rankings are in the gutter! Why? How? If you found this post you more than likely already know why or how penguin works. It’s about over optimized anchor text. […]


Writing the Perfect Blog Post

Blogging has become more of a way to get traffic through organic search than it is about writing small snippets of blog entries. Most blog posts are thought out, pre-planned, keyword researched, and generally looking at what other people have posted on the subject matter. It is much more involved if you are blogging to […]


Penguin 2.0, 5-22-2013

Google’s Changing Algorithm With the release of Penguin 2.0, seems that search results are falling more and more onto the big name sites. Over the years with Panda, Penguin 1 and now with Penguin 2.o, Google’s search results are getting convoluted with brand name websites. I’ve noticed when I am searching for a product or […]


Wix and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A real Wix and SEO evaluation There are quite a few sites out there giving good reviews but take a closer look and you will see most are just affiliate sites trying to make money off you, and giving out bad information. Some are pretty obvious, others are quite sneaky! The sneaky ones will […]


Value of SEO

What should you expect to pay for an SEO campaign? There are tons of factors on what price you should be paying for an online marketing campaign and Search Engine Optimization. #1 Factor your Market Are you targeting a local market or a global market? Local markets are easier to handle, less competition, and better […]