Web Design Portfolio Examples

Mar 07, 2012 articles, web design

Misleading Web Design Examples

When it comes to web design, there are tons of sites out there that have website samples. Lately I have been coming across these sites that have web design samples but once you dig a little deeper the live website of their so called design isn’t what is displayed on their website. For example if you click on the “sample” it just pulls up an image of the site design, there is no link to the actual live website. So you go to Google and you search the website name, and once you arrive at the live site the design isn’t like what this so call “web design” company shows in their portfolio. In the live, real site, well it usually looks really, really bad.

So what you have are these designers mocking up a website in Photoshop from a bad website that is out there on the web. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it shows off their creativity, but in no way is a Photoshop mockup a portfolio website sample. First off there is a difference between design and coding. So there was no coding put into the “sample”, therefore no functionality, not special touches or nuances you don’t get with a Photoshop mockup. Second off these companies haven’t actually worked with other companies or individuals and probably aren’t very experienced with real world web design production.

The good news is it is pretty easy to spot these types of misleading portfolio samples. Usually they won’t link the live site with their sample design, and once quick search will reveal that this isn’t a live website sample. And more than likely all their samples will be like this. After looking at about 2 of their sample sites you will know that every single portfolio sample is a fake. A little attention to detail and follow through you will be able to avoid these misleading Web Design Portfolio Examples .