Best Business Practices for Photographers

Jul 27, 2011 books, photography

Must Read for Commercial Photographers

Photography Business

I came across this book about a year ago, but decided to revisit it and really soak up all the great information that it has to offer. If you want to make it as a commercial photographer or product photographer this is a must read.  The whole book is packed with great information, but the best part I found in this last read was the section of “The Art of Doing Nothing”. Basically it explains you need to stick to your guns on your worth/pricing. After all you are running a business, you don’t go to Best Buy and try and negotiate the price of that high definition flat screen. If you did they would think you were crazy and probably laugh in your face.

The author is John Harrington, a high end commercial photographer. There are tons of real world examples he pulls from his experience, with amazing tips and even documents he scanned to give you a visual example. Everything from contracts, equipment, Cost of doing business calculations and terms and licensing.

If you are an inspiring photographer or even an old veteran this is probably the best investment you can make for your photography business.

Best Business Practices for Photographers, Second Edition