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How to remove favicon in Google Search

Annoying little Google! I just noticed when using Google to search it shows all these annoying and mostly ugly favicons next to the url in the search. After doing some Googling apparently there is no way to really turn this off. It’s suppose to be experimental. But it’s so freaking ugly Google! Stop experimenting on […]


So you want to be a professional photographer?

Photography is a very over saturated market. Anyone with a handful of cash can go get a professional camera and start calling themselves a photographer. But a fancy camera and a self imposed title doesn’t make you a professional. When it comes to photography lighting is key. Stop shooting natural light for portrait photography and […]


Product Photography done right!

Today I was looking up product photographers to see some competition. I found some good ones and not so good ones. Then I stumbled onto some tutorials and of course I had to take a gander! Now the funny thing about the internet is there is good content and generic piece of crap content that […]


Craig Swag Open for Business

Craig Swag is up and running. After 8 years and a 100gb hard drive filled with my photography, I figured it was time to open up a shop. After all thousands of cool images are just sitting on my hard drive doing nothing, might as well get them out into cyber space and share them […]


Jewelry Photography on white?

So everyone knows that the internet shops like their white backgrounds. But is shooting jewelry on white really the way to go? I will admit done right shooting products on white create a clean look. Now with gold, white might not be a bad thing to shoot on. But with silver, well it gives off […]


Positive energy with Negative Ions

Magnet and Negative Ion Bracelet @ IonLoop The world is made up of positive ions and negative ions… in nature, for instance, positive ions (the bad guys) come from the sun in the form of UV rays which fatigue the body. In our modern environment positive ions are produced by everyday electronic devices such as […]


Photoshop Lessons – Tutorials

Photoshop Lessons & Tutorials I have been giving lessons in Dallas for Photoshop for a few years now. Some people prefer more of a hands on, in person approach when it comes to Photoshop lessons or tutorials. Personally I am a visual person, so videos are probably the easiest way for me to learn. I […]