Branding isn’t Imitating Someone Else

Mar 16, 2013 articles, branding

Building a brand is about creating  a specific look, a certain type of message, being original. Cookie cutters need not apply!

Lately I have noticed that some so called web design companies who use WordPress as their framework or code of choice are duplicating their own business website for their clients. Using the same layout, same type of graphics ect. From the non technical people, what they are doing is copying the same theme or even template that they used to for their own website.

First off, why would your client want a website that looks like yours? Sure they might of been impressed with your site, but duplicating it or copying it to another, well that is killing  two brands with one stone! Not only are you not giving your client an original look, and feel, you are killing the brand that you have created for yourself.  But then again if you used a template for your own site then you didn’t really have branding in mind did you?