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Flat and minimalist is the trend not generic!

Aug 31, 2014 articles, branding

So the trend is going flat and minimalist. Artistic negative space and keeping things simple is a good thing, but why is it then are websites starting to become generic? I am not sure how or when companies started to think that flat and minimalist is all about being generic. Sorry you still need to […]


Will LinkedIn Groups be the next Yahoo Groups?

Mar 31, 2013 articles, branding

The Future of LinkedIn Groups? With the added LinkedIn groups, seems to be more and more shameless business promotions. Will LinkedIn groups eventually turn into Yahoo Groups? Yahoo groups used to be a nice spot to find like minded conversations on topics at hand. Grant it this was way before and it had more […]


Branding isn’t Imitating Someone Else

Mar 16, 2013 articles, branding

Building a brand is about creating  a specific look, a certain type of message, being original. Cookie cutters need not apply! Lately I have noticed that some so called web design companies who use WordPress as their framework or code of choice are duplicating their own business website for their clients. Using the same layout, […]


Branding your company

Jun 18, 2012 articles, branding

Branding your company means creating an image, an idea, a persona. Usually you want to create a professional image. This way potential customers or clients will trust you and think of you in high regards without even really knowing anything about the company. No one wants to do business with someone who doesn’t put interest […]