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Subtle Background Patterns and Textures for Web Design

Nov 04, 2013 photoshop, web design

When designing a website, you can spend quite a bit amount of time researching layouts and designs. Getting ideas for the site you are about to design. And usually part of that process is getting some nice textures for enhancing the overall site and making it look really polished. While in the process of that […]


Sharpen Images With The High Pass Filter

Nov 22, 2011 articles, photoshop

I am going to share with you the magic of the high pass filter in Photoshop.  There are tons of articles and tutorials out there that describe how to sharpen images with the high pass filter as it is a popular technique. But what I am going to share with you is a more advanced […]


Examples of bad Photoshop practices in Magazines

Nov 21, 2011 photoshop

I came across a cool website today that illustrates and shows real life examples of people that suck at Photoshop. It is amazing that there are so many bad Photoshop users in the production world. Guess that is what happens when you hire a layout artist and not a graphic artist or designer.  You will […]


Optimizing images for the Web

Nov 17, 2011 articles, photoshop, web design

There are many reasons why you should optimize your images that you use on your website. First and foremost is that it creates a better user experience, no one wants to sit and wait on large images to load. Especially in the age of lightening fast internet. Back in the day when there was dial […]