Exact Match Domain Names

Jan 15, 2013 articles, seo, web design

Keywords in the URL

We have all seen the sites that show up on the first page of a search engine that has the exact same domain name as the phrase you just typed in.  And usually since it has the exact phrase we are searching, we will click on the link. And for the most part the site is ugly, crammed full of ridiculously amount of text and really has nothing to do with what you are looking for.  Or if does match what we are looking for and is a local business, or service, the quality of the website is bad enough to make you wish you wouldn’t of wasted your time clicking on the link.

Why is it that the Exact Match Domain Names are the ugliest website out there? Quick answer, SPAM.  Secondly these people have no real sense of business or branding.

Real SEO

Real Search Engine Optimization is really about online marketing, and at high quality levels. It is no different than traditional marketing, it’s about building a brand, giving customers or a client relative material to make an informed decision. Why they should choose you for a service or choose your product, and it doesn’t happen by putting out bad quality or “crap”. There is talk in the SEO community about the new wave of SEO, mostly from Google cracking down on SPAMMERS and it’s new algorithm(pigeon and panda). The experts are all talking about building quality links, creating good content, catering more to the user experience aka building a brand. In my opinion these are the tactics that should have always been implemented. After all SEO is about the long term, and the sites that have used the “get rich quick” approach, well they have dropped off the face of the earth in the search engines with Google’s new updates. And good riddens, they shouldn’t be ranking anyways. Grant it there are still some lower level domain names that still slip through the cracks, actually quite a few, you can find them more on the local markets. Ive noticed quite a few in the Dallas area, and no doubt in the SEO service industry. Since local markets have smaller sites and the overall search traffic is smaller I think they get over looked by Google and still pull off  some of the SPAM that worked in the past.

Being on top of Google doesn’t mean you are going to bring in the business. Conversion determines who is successful and who is a failure. You can be getting huge amounts of traffic to a site, but if your website is ugly and crammed full of nothing but text, your conversion rate is going to be nothing. Why? No one likes Ugly!

Keep this in mind if you are a company looking to hire a web design firm, or Search Engine Optimization company.