Google Auto Suggest

Jul 12, 2016 articles

For the love of God Google, stop finishing my sentences!

Is anyone else annoyed that when you type something on Chrome into Google’s search bar it will put extra words at the end? Google is so arrogant these days, thinking it knows whats best for the internet and it’s users. Take the whole mobilegeddon thing last year! Who is Google to tell business owners they have to spend more money on their website and make it mobile/responsive.

It’s bad enough that my iPhone auto corrects words. Although this comes is handy some of the time or I would of turned it off a long time ago. Google’s autocomplete is always annoying! I’m okay with suggestions but don’t automatically add it when I push enter! I’m not that lazy that I can’t finish my search with the words I want Google.

So here is a tip on how to disable it. 😉

Chrome > Settings > Advanced > Privacy > uncheck : Use a prediction service to help complete searches and URLs typed in the address bar.