is over priced and bad customer service

Feb 09, 2017 articles

I typically buy my domains through GoDaddy but use a variety of different hosts. I have one domain that I was testing out the website and so I didn’t really want to spend the $12-$14 that a domain typically costs. was running a “special” I could get the domain for $2. What a deal, right! I was not planning on using their hosting services I just wanted the cheaper price domain for testing out a website for the next year. I pointed the domain to another host that I have a plan with.

Fast forward a year later. I get an email notice the domain is up for renewal. Of course I wait until like the last minute to login to setup the renewal. I click renewal and it says $38 for a year. Im a little confused, I am thinking this can’t be right. So I call them to talk to someone and clear this up. I ask them why it says $38 and they say that it is in fact correct. They are charging $38 for a .net domain for just one year. Im totally outraged. I tell the person on the phone that Ive never seen a domain cost this much (the .com, .net, .info these are all roughly priced in the $8-$15) And I have bought tons of domains over the years, grant it most through GoDaddy.

So being totally outraged and realizing this is a complete scam. I ask the person on the phone why they charge so much. He proceeds to tell me that it is because they are a premium company that offers better services than their competitors and then starts “bashing” or talking bad about GoDaddy and another registrar. Which is┬átotal crap. One selling point or him trying to convince me why they feel the need to charge so much (in my mind they are scamming or ripping the people who don’t know any better off) is full 24.7 hour customer support. Finally I tell him that I am not paying $38 for one year domain and that I will be transferring it over to GoDaddy. He then proceeds to try and up sell me on some SEO/Marketing to my website, clueless!

After going to the manage my domain section on I see there is an auto renew on the domain(at this point it expires in 4 days). And to turn it off is greyed out, I can not turn it off! I try and go into my credit card info and delete the card and it says it can’t delete the card because it’s enrolled in auto renew! So I call them again and the new person says that the department that handles domains and the only ones who can turn it off for me, it is past their working hours. And so that 24.7 customer support as premium company apparently doesn’t apply here.

Im still in the process of getting this sorted. But here are my thoughts. First DON’T use not matter if they are running a one year discount on their domain, because you will pay 3 times as much the next year. I didn’t use any of their other services but I can imagine that just a simple domain is 3x the going rate that their hosting is also drastically over priced. And the fact that they are promoting their parent company is just another reason not to use them! is just a big promotion to over charge and take advantage of people who don’t know that much about websites and for those gullible people.