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*====Updated August 2019=====
Wix still sucks guys!

*====Updated October 2015=====
On October 14, 2015 Search Engine Land wrote an article that Google had dropped Wix.com pages out of their index. Google officially confirmed that they were working on getting Wix sites back into their search engine. And funny enough Google mention the exact same day it was Deprecating their AJAX crawling scheme which is what Wix uses for it’s redirect to Google bots for it’s “SEO” code. So it’s no wonder Wix sites got dropped out of Google’s search.

No surprise, I have been saying Wix is a bad system since 2012 people! Read my 2016 Wix Review here.
Wix has never been SEO friendly and probably never will be, from Flash to redirecting Google to ajax fragmented pages (so called HTML5 version).

*====Original Post=====
dissaprove wix.comI am seeing more and more people on Wix.com. As a web designer and SEO specialist, I can not stress enough that you are wasting your time and money using Wix.com.

If you are using their domain name with their free account i.e. yourdomain.wix.com why not go with WordPress! You can sign up on wordpress.org and get a free template and use a much more powerful, robust platform for free to promote your website. Best part about wordpress, is it isn’t FLASH!  Yes Flash is DEAD, if you are still using flash as a major site functionality you are way behind on the times. Everyone hates the homepage screen that asks if you want to enter the flash site or the html. How about you get a functional site that works for all users. And Wix.com’s patch to offer a free html mirror site along with it’s flash driven main site falls way short.

Yes I know all you free website wanters are saying but its easy. Well wordpress is just as easy! And in the end you get better results and way better search engine visibility out of it. After all isn’t that the purpose of your site, to drive traffic?

To read more about why you should say no to flash read another post I wrote a while back.

Say no to Flash Sites

*====Updated March 2013=====

Ive been getting Facebook comments saying that this post is invalid, so I would like to update it a little. FYI the original purpose of this post was to state that there are other systems that are better than Wix.com. It wasn’t all about Flash being dead, I point out other things too.

Okay, so Wix offers a non-flash site now. But have you looked at the source code? There is no real code for Google or other search engines to crawl, sure there is a pure HTML version that it sends a search engine bot to, but this isn’t the standard method of searching engine crawling. So I still stand on my word that the Search Engine value of a Wix site still is sub par to all other platforms that write standard HTML as their source code. And the Wix sites that might be ranking high, more than likely no competition for those keywords. For a code evaluation for SEO of Wix.com visit blog my post Wix and SEO.

This biggest factor is they lock you down to their over priced system (high hosting fees). What if you decide to take your nicely designed site you worked weeks putting together and transfer it to a whole new setup on a new hosting company. Last time I checked you can’t do that, you don’t own the ownership of the code(I could be wrong but I think this is how they are setup). For a personal website, the new setup might be okay, but again why not go with WordPress? Open Source framework so you can do what you want with the code and aren’t locked down to an over priced hosting company. As a company using Wix as it’s platform to design websites for clients, NOT a good business decision!

Checkout Ultimatum, a drag and drop system built on WordPress! Ditch that Wix and go WordPress!!

Real Drag and Drop Layout Builder


  1. Shai Yallin says:

    As a lead software engineer at Wix.com, I can tell you that we’re constantly working on improving our pure-html (what we dub the ‘SEO’) rendering engine. Our goal is to achieve a full compatibility between the user-facing version of the site and the bot-facing one, ultimately uniting them. Until this is possible, we’re working with leading people in the SEO business to mitigate any shortcomings and improve the viability of Wix sites for search engine. Feel free to contact me or our customer support for more info on the subject.

  2. Barry Westover says:

    Ive been using Wix for a few months now and I have to say that they are trying to keep up and do a good job but the fact is you’re right, they are high cost on hosting IF you don’t pay upfront. Another problem I am having is still non open source. Limitations and barriers I cant seem to get around for tweaking the site functionally the way I want it. Current to date, there is NO word wrap abilities,we are voting for it but it has not yet been delivered. Also, now I’m discovering an issue with seperate links running together on a single page. I have three services in three seperate boxes with three seperate links but they all run together, when you change one it changes it for all. grrrrrrrrr I have a wordpress account and site, I’m thinking of just taking all of Wix’s ideas and spending more time on WP. thanks for the heads up Craig. http://www.webbuildersusa.com is my wordpress site and http://webbuildersusa.wix.com/web-builders-usa is my wix site so you can see the difference.

  3. James O Shea says:

    Hi craig, i am a web designer from ireland and have had a dreadful experience with wix and i am writing a similar post on http://www.irishwebdesign.org and i will borrow a few point. Its a bit all over the place but reaches the same points. Thanks

  4. Mike says:

    Could you expound on why it isn’t a good idea to host on wix?

    I agree with you on Flash technology – fast becoming obsolete especially for those with Apple devices; but generalizing that ‘everyone’ hates flash would be a bit hasty.

    Would you say that this is the same as having your site hosted on the following services: googlesites, weebly, uCoz, snappages, or jimdo?

  5. craig says:

    Mike, perfect example. I had someone just after writing this post send me a link to their newly created wix site. It was a portfolio site for their photography, so I clicked the link on my mobile device, and nope couldn’t view it! Why? Because flash isn’t supported for mobile devices. Now this is just the top of the ice berg of why you shouldn’t be using wix. The major factor in it all though is you won’t be ranked in search engines for your website using wix. Sure your site will get indexed, but it won’t be ranking for anything except if someone types in your url as a search term.

    Besides there are way better free templates out there via WordPress, especially for photographers than what Wix can offer! So ditch the wix.

  6. La'Chris Jordan says:

    Craig, we have created a number of sites on Wix and we love them. It is true that flash sites are not viewable on mobile devices, but just because you can view a site on a mobile phone doesn’t mean that it is mobile friendly (small print, pictures, etc.). Wix offers flash, HTML, and mobile sites now and they work just fine for us.

    Some of the problems I have with Word Press is that many of the free sites out there are very basic and have no pizzazz about them. Not only that, you have security issues to worry about and who can afford that in their business. I won’t allow my clients to take the risk. Free is fine sometimes, but you have to shell out some money if you’re in business.

  7. craig says:

    Well I sure hope you aren’t charging clients to build sites on Wix.com. First the hosting fees alone are a complete rip off. And Flash is a dead programming language for web! Besides if you are building the site….you wouldn’t be using a template. (the WordPress comment of all the free templates are basic)

    **So I just visited your site, and I see you are charging clients to build their website on Wix. It’s unfortunate that you are doing a complete dis-service to your clients.**

    Sure Wix has a “mobile” version that they can mirror. (for an extra fee I am sure) but that “mobile” version looks pretty crappy compared to what the flash site looks like. So what’s the point?

    Put mobile friendly aside, there is no content. Not search engine friendly! No matter how much Wix or any other third party site out there tells you that they have SEO tools for getting ranked, if your site is Flash all the tools in the world aren’t going to get you the rankings compared to a site that has readable html and css for search engines to crawl and index appropriately.

    As for the security comment, there aren’t any major security risked involved with WordPress, no worse than any other dynamic websites on the web. And there are plenty of ways to enhance security as with any other platform out there.

  8. Pat Weebly says:

    I agree! Wix.com sucks, you are better off getting a custom website design.

  9. La'Chris Jordan says:

    Craig, my intention is not to debate every point. I was just offering a different point of view. One man likes chocolate another man doesn’t and they offer all the reasons why. In the end, does it really matter?

    We use integrated marketing strategies – including SEO – to help our clients’ attract more customers. SEO specialists love talking all the techy stuff, but clients just want their businesses to grow and we offer them various ways in which to do that. Moreover, all of our client sites are on the first page of Google because we do more than SEO – we use social media, video marketing, articles and other marketing tools to attract attention to their business and website.

    We work with small businesses who have limited budgets. But they still need a professional, attractive site and this is the one way we get them started. Just because they start off with a Wix site doesn’t mean that’s what they will end up with. In addition, what are clients are really paying for is our TIME which is something I don’t think anyone can put an exact price tag on. If you’re a business owner, you don’t have time to build a site, template or otherwise (which we have designers who can do that, too) so you hire someone else to do it and maintain it.

    So, what is your time worth, Craig? How much would you charge to build a FREE Word Press site for a client? $0? $10? $100? You won’t be in business long if you don’t charge something.

    • craig says:

      I wouldn’t charge anything for a FREE site because then it isn’t free. But if customer wanted to use a website template and wanted me to edit it for them I would charge them for editing a template not charge them for a custom website design. Now hopefully you are upfront on the fact that you are using Wix as a “platform” for their site. But again, the whole flash aspect kills it for me.

      But also you are locking them into the Wix system and limiting them to use Wix for all their website needs. First there is over priced hosting, and lets not forget no way to export the design if they would like to switch hosting ect. And for the SEO I am sure it is fine when you are ranking for the local market, but I can imagine it taking more time and energy and budget from your clients to get some rankings that would be much quicker on a non flash system.

      In my opinion it is a poor solution with all the other options out there.
      But the biggest factor is limiting your clients to an over priced, “do it yourself” platform.

  10. La'Chris Jordan says:

    Hey Craig,

    We realize that there are other options out there, but we can’t recommend them all because frankly we don’t know them ALL. From a template design perspective, I haven’t been impressed with some of the other companies out there. And if you really study Wix, they are slowly moving away from the flash. It’ll take about a year to faze it out but they’ll do it. In any case, our clients love the sites we build for them and that’s all that really matters. We are in the education business and we educate our clients about their options so they can make sound decisions that are right for THEM.

    Moreover, we certainly can’t work for free if we are incurring costs (high, low, it doesn’t matter) to run their website. We’ve donated our services to small businesses, mainly because it’s just good business practice, but we wouldn’t remain in business if we didn’t charge something. And Wix is like any other business. They’re not really “free.” What they are doing is charging folks for the access to very nice templates at a low price. If you hired a designer to build out an HTML (or flash) site that looked really nice like they’re templates, you’d pay a lot of money.

    Most of our clients are aware that we are using the Wix platform but they don’t really care. They just want a website and they don’t have the time to build it themselves. It all goes back to what I said earlier about time and what it is worth to the individual. He/She can build, update, edit, add pictures, video, etc. and fumble around on their site, taking precious time away from the business – or, they can pay me. Either way, the business owner is going to pay. Comparatively speaking, my hourly rate is a lot less than the business owners’.

    Our clients know that having a website built from scratch is going to cost a heck of a lot more in time and money. Working from a template doesn’t mean that there isn’t some work involved. And in today’s fast-paced world who has time to be a purist when there are so many templates and small businesses out there who have NO web presence at all. Moreover, like I stated before, our clients may start on the Wix platform, but that doesn’t have to be where they end up.

    In any case, I appreciate our discussion. Perhaps we can learn from each other.