Launched Craig’s New WordPress Design

Oct 06, 2012 portfolio, web design, wordpress

Welcome to the new site

It’s been a few years since I did a new design on my website. And I finally found some time to get in a new design on my current WordPress installation. The ultimate goal was to create something new and innovative. There are so many WordPress sites out there that look like, well…Wordpress. I can usually spot a WordPress site in 2 seconds. So my goal was to create something that didn’t come off as WordPress, something totally original, and unique. This over all WordPress Theme has an organic, sketchy, artist look and feel to it. I threw in some personal created watercolor effects and textures. That give it a personal touch.

dallas wordpress design

WordPress Header Graphic
The header graphic has a watercolor texture with a painted effect. Giving precedence to the overall theme.

wordpress header graphic

For the navigation I have an active state graphic of a red watercolor drop, that lets the viewer know what page of the site they are on. For the drop down I created paper texture style drop down.

wordpress theme navigation design

Introduction of Creative Services
I have some hand sketch icons for graphics to represent the creative services offered. And once you roll over them the have a painted/watercolor effect attached to them. Again keeping with the painted/sketched WordPress Theme. I have also created a tapped effect that is duplicated for the sidebar in the blog section.

creative wordpress theme design

Footer Design
For the footer I kept a similar layout and content as with my old design. But added a paper style texture and a link to my opencart shopping system for my artwork. Which I matched my opencart design to match my current WordPress Design to give the user a flawless front end experience.

Wordpress Footer Design

Final Design

There are many subtle effects and graphics through out the site. And I will probably be adding even smaller more subtle things as time goes on, but the over all look and feel is pretty much finished and I think this WordPress Theme should stand the test of time for at least 3 or more years.