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Fully Custom WordPress Themes: A Developer’s Perspective

May 19, 2023 code, wordpress
custom wordpress theme developers perspective

As a seasoned WordPress developer, I’ve had the pleasure of exploring various WordPress themes, and through my experience, I’ve come to appreciate the advantages of developing fully custom WordPress themes. In this article, I’ll dive into my reasons why a fully custom theme is often superior to a child theme, based on real-world experience. Creative […]


Woocommerce Variation Threshold

If your Woocommerce store has a lot of variations with specific attributes you might come across an instance when the options are not displaying properly. It’s showing everything instead of only assigned variation for an attribute. And yet when you pick a combination of something that’s should be hidden you get this message. Now a […]


4 must have firewall rules for WordPress

Jun 11, 2020 articles, code, wordpress

So many bots scanning your server even if you aren’t WordPress but if you are running WordPress here are 4 must have rules to help block attacks and save server bandwidth. First you need to rename your login url. A plugin will handle this for you, I recommend iTheme Security. The free version works fine. […]


The only 2 settings for securing WP Admin

Aug 12, 2019 wordpress

These are the only two settings you need to secure your wp-admin from hackers trying to log into your site. First download iThemes Security Plugin, don’t worry its free! Next go to the settings page. Click on the Advanced link top right. And configure Hide Backend. Then setup what you want the “hidden” url to […]


Gulp, SCSS and WordPress

Feb 08, 2019 code, web design, wordpress

Ive been using gulp and live reload for many years now. It’s super efficient. Gulp, SCSS aka (sass) and WordPress can be a bit tricky though. Mostly because the typical SCSS structure is to put the final files in directories that aren’t necessarily WordPress friendly or WordPress structured. Also if you are trying to compress […]


How to Widen Gutenberg Editor

Dec 14, 2018 wordpress

The default width of Gutenberg is quite narrow. Not sure the logic behind this. Here is a quick way to make it a standard monitor width. In your function.php drop this code: Then create a folder called css in your theme directory then create gutenberg.css That’s it now a width that isn’t so small! And […]

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May 19, 2018 code, wordpress is an open-source content management system (CMS) that provides users with complete control and flexibility over their website. It is often referred to as self-hosted WordPress because users are required to obtain their own domain name and web hosting in order to use it. Here are some key points to understand about […]


WP-CLI inside Docker container

Feb 25, 2018 articles, wordpress

So running wp-cli inside docker gives you a warning that you are running as root. For me I am running docker locally as a development server and running as root isn’t a concern as I am on a private secure network and it’s purely local development. So the default setup for Docker is to run […]


WooCommerce Bulk Edit Sold Individually

Mar 15, 2016 articles, wordpress

MySQL way to bulk edit Sold Individually. So I had imported about 200 products into WooCommerce and accidentally set all of them to the sold individually setting. Now instead of re-uploading them via the spreadsheet I decided I would just use MySQL to edit the settings that way. It took more like 20-30 minutes to […]


Backup Buddy on GoDaddy hosting

Feb 08, 2016 code, wordpress

So I have a few hosting accounts with various companies. Plus I have had many clients with all kinds of hosting accounts. I do love GoDaddy’s customer support, and their hosting is generally a little more affordable than most as they are consistently running specials. But the one bad thing is that Backup Buddy doesn’t […]