Where to learn web design and programming on the web for free!

Apr 30, 2013 articles, code

Over the years I have found some great free online places to learn new code. Some will actually walk you through the code making challenges, others videos, and then of course just the text tutorials.

YouTube is a great resource. Outside of YouTube you can checkout these websites.

newthinktank.com Top Choice – (Videos)
This guys is amazing! He is super fast and crams alot of information into all his videos, but you can learn alot. I like the fast style as it by passes alot of videos out there where they talk too much and usually eat up alot of time doing the simple stuff they should of prepared before making the video.

net.tutsplus.com – Wide rang of web languages as well as other software. Mixture of videos and written tutorials.

codeacademy.com – Nice site for a few different languages, but has real world coding on their site, and practical tests. More of a test or request you to type certain code for getting a certain result. Learning style.

railsforzombies.org – Similar to codeacademy with the real world coding on the site only with Ruby on Rails. You get a prize if you finish the whole course.

webdesignerwall.com – An assortment of article tutorials on CSS, HTML, WordPress, jquery and more.

phpacademy.org – Small series of video tutorials, you can also find them on YouTube.

Lynda.com – If you are looking for more, and a little more organized video series and don’t mind paying a small fee.