Wix Misinformed

On 02-03-2022 articles, seo

In light of the buzz word misinformation. This post touches a little on what misinformation is and how it’s been running rampant on the internet for a very, very long time.


Wix.com is not a good platform for a business website. It’s horrible at search engine visibility and 95% of the information online is just affiliate marketers trying to cash in on a crappy platform. Say no to Wix if anyone ever offers it to you for your website needs.

Misinformation usually involves a financial incentive

In 2009 I got a real sense of what internet misinformation really was. This was the time period I got deep into SEO and affiliate marketing. When it comes to SEO, writing content is king, as was getting your own content syndicated as much as possible. Therefore spreading your message and having other people or even news outlets pick it up is the end goal.

And hiring writers to write on a subject matter that they aren’t really expert on results in spreading misinformation. After all where do these writers get their information. Off the internet. So if there is misinformation floating around on the internet it just gets regurgitated over and over again, making it appear as facts or good information. But usually digging deeper you can see it’s really not good information. And this regurgitated approach has found it’s way into main stream media and social media. An endless cycle of misinformation.

Consumerism and internet misinformation

When I started researching keywords for specific industries or products for SEO purposes I started noticing the pages ranking on the first page of Google were just affiliate marketers promoting crappy products. As an affiliate marketer your number one goal is to promote and talk good about a particular product. After all, you want people to buy this product. And with billions of consumer products it’s hard to find which one is good, works as it’s intended and get any good research on it. Because so many people are usually hyping it, trying to get you to buy it. So what you end up with is an affiliate marketer selling a product but doesn’t have much information on it at all. It’s just a quick buck for them. The perfect example I am going to use here is Wix.com. Ive been following the platform for over 10 years and have many blog posts pointing out the flaws, with some in depth Wix code analysis as well as Wix SEO analysis. Yet I still see big name websites promoting this platform for making a website. All you have to do is look a little deeper you will notice it’s an affiliate link. Now don’t get me wrong promoting and getting a little kickback on a product that is great, and something you personally have used is totally fine. I think this is how affiliate marketing was intended. But the problem with Wix is it doesn’t do what is promoted when it comes to search engine visibility or code structure. It is also far inferior than other options on the market. Since Wix has been on my radar for so long, I know there is a huge amount of misinformation on Wix out there on the internet. Over 10+ years of misinformation, and guess what? There are people defending their stance on it being a good platform regardless that the data says the opposite. Funny how we find our self in this exact situation in our current state of the world. So misinformation has been around for a long time and will continue being around as long as the internet exists.

Think for yourself, question authority.

Timothy Leary

Closing remarks

Do your own research and even your own experiments to come to your own conclusion. Sometimes standing out from the crowd and not conforming to the current state of things is what will make you successful in the end. Hype trains come and go, in the long run following the beat of your own drum drives the best train.