5 Reasons your app sucks

Feb 08, 2020 articles, code
  1. You don’t have a desktop/website version of your app but yet you make me create an account to access your content. So I can not login on my computer to access your content. (5 Mile app this one’s for you!)
  2. I can’t export my data. You have no feature to export all my data I have been tracking for the last 4 years as a simple spreadsheet. This is like standard must have!
  3. You keep changing or adding new notification preferences! No I don’t want your notifications, stop adding new ones to circumvent my do not disturb preferences.
  4. One of your buttons on your app pulls up an in app browsers view of a page on your website, which isn’t even responsive. If I wanted a browser experience I wouldn’t be using an app on my phone!
  5. You only allow me to create an account through Facebook or Google. Sorry I don’t want you to get access to my Facebook or Google data, Id rather just create an account directly with you stop piggybacking off other companies!