2020 the real Google mobilegeddon

Jan 25, 2020 articles, responsive design, seo

Back in 2015 the internet was in a panic! Google had announced that it was going to factor in whether your site was mobile friendly as a ranking factor.

This left website owners struggling to try and meet the deadline and get a mobile friendly version of their website up. It was a big cash cow move for website designers and developers. Even website hosting companies were cashing in on the frenzy. I remember getting tons of marketing emails from web developers, website hosts and more with all fear tactics that if I didn’t have a mobile friendly version of my website I would not be visible in Google search. I personally thought it was all hype! And a crap move on Google’s part forcing website owners to conform to an extra expense.

In 2016 I wrote blog post titled How I Survived Mobilegeddon, outlining that it was a year after the so called mobilegeddon and nothing had changed. I was still ranking the same in both mobile and desktop search results without a mobile friendly website! Stating it was all hype. And up until now I was right! For 5 long years my site ranked the same in Google mobile search as it did on desktop search. And the main reason I didn’t convert my site to be responsive was really an experiment. I was curious if Google would actually do what they said they would do. And honestly I had other projects and client work that kept me from focusing on my own site’s responsiveness.

But the time is here people. The real Mobilegeddon is upon us. My site has officially dropped way down in the search results on mobile search. So I will be putting some time converting my site to a responsive website and will probably give an update on what results come of it.