Dallas Website Design

Jun 22, 2012 articles, seo, web design

Today I was browsing my competition for the keyword Dallas Website Design. As I am writing this I am on the first page of Google for this search term. Just the 10th spot for now. But after looking at other sites that are ranking for Dallas Website Design, I am blown away that a company searching for a web designer has very limited options with the first 10 results for Dallas Website Design.

So I decided to do a little case study. Hopefully so I can get  information out there, that there are more creative designers in the Dallas area than what you see on the first page of Google.

So a common theme I found…they like their blues 🙂 Also they sure do like their 90s style buttons, blocky and square!

Two of the sites actually have the words dallas website design or websites dallas in their URL. So no wonder they are on the first page of Google. Yes that is the power of a good domain name. But with a good domain comes good responsibility.

The second common theme I found, they have tons and tons of text on their pages. Now this has to do with SEO, but there are more efficient ways to get good rankings than to cram as much text as possible on your page and creating page after page for specific related keywords.

Websites are suppose to be simple and easy to navigate. Too much text is an eye sore, unless it is a blog post or an article that is suppose to be read. Sure it is one way to rank in search engines but frankly it is an old paradigm and Google is cracking down more and more on that style of websites.

A simple navigation makes for a good user experience, do we really need a top navigation and a side sub navigation? Also why all the links in the text? Dropping hidden links that aren’t part of the main navigation makes things confusing.

Out of the 9 websites for keyword Dallas Website Design, I found 3 that were aesthetically pleasing. 2 of the sites looked like they were the same owner with different URLs, they had similar graphics. And over all wasn’t that impressed for the results Google has served up for Dallas Website Design.

So hopefully you are a business owner looking for a website, and you stumbled across this blog post and I have got the word out that there are more creative designers in Dallas than what you see on the first page of Google!