Branding your company

Jun 18, 2012 articles, branding

Branding your company means creating an image, an idea, a persona. Usually you want to create a professional image. This way potential customers or clients will trust you and think of you in high regards without even really knowing anything about the company. No one wants to do business with someone who doesn’t put interest into their own company. If you are cheap on your “image”, you give off the impression you really don’t care, and are not willing to put effort in yourself, therefore into others.

Branding is about being consistent. Creating an image or feel and translating it across all medias. The most important part is your company Logo! Lots of times companies come to me wanting to updating their outdated website. And after I see their logo, I realize they need more than just an updated website, they need to re-brand their whole image, and it starts with a Logo.

Once you get the logo down, you can move onto actually “branding”. Taking your logo and creating a look, that will get translated across every piece of advertisement you produce. It could be a color scheme, some texture, a specific set of fonts. It’s basically a theme, you are creating a theme for your company. Once you nail down the theme you translate it to all other media. Now Everything is Branded!

Business cards, brochures, flyers, your new website!

Don’t think you can brand yourself without doing it across all media types. You might get away with it in certain areas, but if you have an ugly logo, the very thing that people associate you with then you are destined to create a bad image from the get go.