Local SEO Rankings the elegant way

Sep 08, 2012 articles, seo

Not every so called SEO expert out there knows exactly what they are doing.  And most have no real clue on how to rank sites elegantly without all the excessive text and excessive pages for every city they are trying to target! Folks there is a wrong way and a right way.

While building a brand, you need to build trust. And trust comes from people recognizing your brand, and feeling that you have their best interest in mind. Building out websites that have gigantic amount of nonsense text, are random urls with keywords stuffed in them and totally void of anything visually pleasing like some good graphics is a the wrong way! And at some point this method ventures in the realm of spam. And nothing like SPAM to kill the trust of your brand.

Elegant SEO Rankings

Point and case. Local Search results for Dallas Portrait Photographer. Margie only  has  3 sentences on her homepage, and is a an image heavy photography website.  And at the point of writing this post fluctuates between spot 1 and 2 of Google. There are better ways to rank in Search Engines than an insanely amount of text and ten or hundreds of nonsense pages that repeat the same content but use a different city name.