So you want to be a professional photographer?

Apr 10, 2015 photo, photography

Photography is a very over saturated market. Anyone with a handful of cash can go get a professional camera and start calling themselves a photographer. But a fancy camera and a self imposed title doesn’t make you a professional. When it comes to photography lighting is key. Stop shooting natural light for portrait photography and master those lights!

Even though I don’t shoot people and focus on product, I learned early on that shaping light is creating. This is what makes someone in my opinion a true artist when it comes to photography. Capturing something in the wild “naturally” does take some skill. But with adding light you can actually create or set the mood. In this respect it’s an artistry because you can take something ordinary and transform it into a visual master piece. That’s why I like shooting product. Most product aren’t anything special. You don’t have a beautiful model, it’s just a plain Jane object. The light scheme and setup transforms the product into something people like to look at.