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So you want to be a professional photographer?

Apr 10, 2015 photo, photography

Photography is a very over saturated market. Anyone with a handful of cash can go get a professional camera and start calling themselves a photographer. But a fancy camera and a self imposed title doesn’t make you a professional. When it comes to photography lighting is key. Stop shooting natural light for portrait photography and […]


Craig Swag Open for Business

Jun 14, 2012 photo, photography

Craig Swag is up and running. After 8 years and a 100gb hard drive filled with my photography, I figured it was time to open up a shop. After all thousands of cool images are just sitting on my hard drive doing nothing, might as well get them out into cyber space and share them […]


Jewelry Photography on white?

Jun 05, 2012 articles, photo, photography

So everyone knows that the internet shops like their white backgrounds. But is shooting jewelry on white really the way to go? I will admit done right shooting products on white create a clean look. Now with gold, white might not be a bad thing to shoot on. But with silver, well it gives off […]


Irina Werning goes back to the future

Jan 13, 2012 articles, photo

I was surfing the web today and stumble on to a great photographer’s website. Irina Werning, she has a very amazing concept on her website of some “back to the future” images. Basically she took some 10-20 year old photos of people and replicated them now.  Very cool stuff.  Below are a few examples.   […]


Wakeboard Photography – Fstoppers

Jul 20, 2011 articles, photo, photography

I recently came across a very cool photography website that has tons of cool videos on a variety of photography subjects and shoots. This video shows the creative process of developing an idea and taking it to the studio for execution. There are alot of people who think that the creative process is fast, and […]


Macro Photography on a budget

Jul 03, 2011 articles, photo, photography

Affordable Macro Photography setup I am going to share with you some good macro photography tools and equipment, for getting great macro shots on a limited budget. Usually I am not one to promote, cheap equipment, but in this case you can get great results from good quality affordable marco equipment out there. Marco Equipment […]


Dallas Spring Weather

May 20, 2011 photo

Summer is ahead of us, but in the mean time I have been enjoying the spring like weather. Flowers are blooming, and butterflies are loving it!


Photography Shoot with Model Lidia DeLeon

Apr 26, 2011 photo, photography

Model Photography Shoot with Lidia DeLeon Outside shoot at a park on Greenville Ave in Dallas Texas.  It was partly cloudy and a very nice day for an outside photography shoot.  Below are a couple of the pictures.