Why you suck as a business owner

Jul 13, 2014 articles

Some characteristics that you might want to evaluate before you become a business owner.

1. Technical Skills

You own or want a website but the extent of your computer skills is checking email.

2. Time is Money

You don’t value other people’s time.

3. All Talk

You talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. All talk and no follow through gets you nowhere and builds distrust.

4. Lack of Priorities

You lack the ability to prioritize.

5. Decision Making

You can’t make a decision and flip flop between two extremes.

6. Arrogance

You think you know everything since you have been in business for X number of years. But just being in business for X years doesn’t make you an expert on EVERYTHING!

7. Shady Behavior

Price gauging, or doing  disservice for you clients isn’t good business.