WooCommerce Bulk Edit Sold Individually

Mar 15, 2016 articles, wordpress

MySQL way to bulk edit Sold Individually.

So I had imported about 200 products into WooCommerce and accidentally set all of them to the sold individually setting. Now instead of re-uploading them via the spreadsheet I decided I would just use MySQL to edit the settings that way. It took more like 20-30 minutes to figure out where this setting is stored.

The settings for WooCommerce Sold Individually is in wp_postmeta and under meta_key _sold_individually. So once I was able to find the spot in the database I can now do a bulk or mass edit on all my products. The default setting is blank, so if you have checked the sold individually you would see “yes”. So basically all we have to do is a simple sql statement in the sql tab inside of phpmyadmin.

UPDATE wp_postmeta
SET meta_value=''
WHERE meta_key='_sold_individually';

Of course if you want to set everything to sold individually you would set meta_value to ‘yes’. Alternatively you could also put in some post_ids if you know the ids.