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2020 the real Google mobilegeddon

Jan 25, 2020 articles, responsive design, seo
Google Official Mobilegeddon

Back in 2015 the internet was in a panic! Google had announced that it was going to factor in whether your site was mobile friendly as a ranking factor. This left website owners struggling to try and meet the deadline and get a mobile friendly version of their website up. It was a big cash […]


Engaging Mobile Users via Responsive Web Design

Aug 23, 2014 articles, responsive design

When a user first visits your website, they should feel like they’re visiting your home. It should be tidy, organized, and easily accessible for them. First impressions are crucial, and a poor experience will leave a bad taste in a user’s mouth, decreasing the chance of them returning to your site again. That’s why it’s […]


Why you should choose responsive design vs mobile app

Responsive Design Verses Native Mobile App Note that this article is geared toward the small to medium size business. If you are a big brand and a well know website, like Ebay, Amazon, Walmart ect you NEED a mobile app. But if you are a smaller company that doesn’t have the deep pockets like those […]