Macro Photography on a budget

Jul 03, 2011 articles, photo, photography

Affordable Macro Photography setup

I am going to share with you some good macro photography tools and equipment, for getting great macro shots on a limited budget. Usually I am not one to promote, cheap equipment, but in this case you can get great results from good quality affordable marco equipment out there.

Marco Equipment

Macro Reverse Ring.

This is probably the most affordable piece setup for macro out there.  I picked one up for my Canon on Ebay for $10! Now this method isn’t the best and depends on what lens you reverse. One problem is that back of your lens is exposed, and you loose some functionality. Also the edges tend to get blurry, and the DOF is crazy shallow. But with a little practice you can get some good shots.  And all kinds of room for abstract stuff.

Close-Up Diopters

Macro close-up filters are the next most affordable step-up for macro photography. They come in magnification of +1 through +4 and usually they throw in a +10. You can stack all and any. The +10 is like a reverse ring, not the best quality. But stacking a +1 and +2 can give good results, or just putting on the +4. The best part about these are they just screw onto the front of your lens and are a breeze to switch out!

Extension Tubes are another option, but personally I have never used them. A little more expensive and more bulky.

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