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Fastest Ruby on Rails Install Guide

I tried to install Ruby on Rails on my computer about 6 months ago because I want to play around with the language and it’s capabilities. I watched some tutorials on how to install on YouTube, found some documentation on it as well. Problem is I couldn’t get it to work. There were so many […]


Custom Template Page in WordPress

Adding a custom page template inside WordPress is pretty easy. Just need a little bit of code at the top of the file and you have your very own custom template page you can reference through out your theme. For instance, you want your homepage to be a full width with no side bar. Then […]


Web Design Portfolio Examples

Misleading Web Design Examples When it comes to web design, there are tons of sites out there that have website samples. Lately I have been coming across these sites that have web design samples but once you dig a little deeper the live website of their so called design isn’t what is displayed on their […]


Transcend the 90s

Modern Day Web Design At Dallas apartment finder they realize that a modern day, clean, professional website is how you attract customers and website viewers. Alicia contacted me explaining she wanted to update her out dated website. I took her old website, kept the same content but added a completely new modern, look and feel. […]


Web Design vs Web Development

Web Design and Web Development. What’s the difference? I get tons of phone calls for people looking for a web designer and then once we get into more detail of what they want out of their website, I find that they are looking for a web developer. So I would like to point out the […]


New Web Design

Local web design Insurance company, Lone Star Family Insurance. The client had signed up with Wix for their website needs, but the flash site just wasn’t giving them the exposure they wanted. If you don’t already know why flash is a dying breed for full website development checkout my article on web design for photographers.  […]


Optimizing images for the Web

There are many reasons why you should optimize your images that you use on your website. First and foremost is that it creates a better user experience, no one wants to sit and wait on large images to load. Especially in the age of lightening fast internet. Back in the day when there was dial […]


Dallas WordPress Design

So you searched the term Dallas WordPress Design in Google, now what? WordPress is a great framework for creating a CMS (content management system). Being open source, meaning free for anyone to use, there are more and more so called “web design companies” popping up on the internet who claim to be full on web […]